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Mira Digital shower

We fitted this Mira digital shower in a wetroom.  I really like it.  It looks amazing and the functionality is superb.

Mira digital electric shower

This is the Mira Platinum Dual Ceiling Fed – Pumped.  It is for a low pressure system (this means the water for the system is supplied from a tank of water in your loft).  I found it the ideal shower for this installation for three reasons:

1.  The bathroom was on the first floor and with an empty loft space above.  This meant the pump and all of the plumbing can be installed in the loft and fed down through the ceiling from above.  You don’t have to chase any pipework or electric cable into the walls behind the tiles.  The control is wireless.

2.  It is unusual for digital showers to have a fixed head and two separate outlets.  This one does and not only that the handheld shower has four different functions you can use by turning the head.

3.  It is really easy to install and set up.  Once plumbed in you just switch on the control get it to register the pump and then just turn it on.  It even runs for up to 15 mins completely dry without damage so if you do make a plumbing mistake initially you aren’t going to damage the pump due to your mistake.

I will be recommending these showers in future.  They have them for high pressure systems as well and also versions that aren’t ceiling fed so they can be installed in most situations.  The digital wireless controls for showers and the mixer placed where it can be easily accessed in the bathroom is the future of mixer showers.  The biggest problem with the traditional valves is that the plumbing and valve itself is buried in the wall behind the tiles so can be really difficult to access for maintenance.